Parents, a great way to keep your kids engaged is through a fun and challenging project. A great project will tap into a child’s creativity, problem-solving ability, and higher-order thinking skills. They are big-picture, long-term, and inspirational!

Here are some tips, ideas for a project, and great website resources.


  • Tap into your child's interests. Projects can connect to all types of academic content, so whether your child is into basketball or basket-weaving, there is a way to integrate academics. Focus first on what inspires your child.

  • Give opportunities to use both technology and more hands-on materials for creation. Remote learning isn't the same as digital learning. Students should have the opportunity to work with their hands and create!

  • Consider having your child use the Design Process to shift from project-based learning to problem-based learning.

Project Ideas

Elementary Students Could:

  • Create an interactive family tree

  • Become an author and/or illustrator

  • Create a board game

  • Plan, write, and develop a movie, television show, cartoon, or play

  • Design something to help themselves or their family

  • Show community helpers their appreciation

  • Redesign their bedrooms

Middle School Students Could:

  • Learn about Franklin & Independence -- two disabled bald eagles who were shot in the wings by poachers and cannot be released to the wild but have raised 26 offspring who are building the bald eagle population. How can you build awareness and reduce the negative impact of human beings on animals?

  • Create a picture project telling a family story

  • Tell a story about a time in history through an interactive map using Google Slides, PowerPoint, or other platform

  • Redesign your bedroom or transform your basement into your dream space

  • Design a plan to stay active and healthy

  • Design a vehicle of some sort that can move and hold another item

  • Write and Illustrate a children’s book

  • Create and implement a menu highlighting the food of another culture

High School Students Could:

  • Determine the best sources for information regarding the COVID-19

  • Write and illustrate a dystopian graphic novel

  • Create a campaign to support first-responders and medical personnel during the pandemic

  • Design a project for younger children

  • Create a video blog showcasing special skills or abilities