Celebration Zone

Why the celebration zone?

2020 has been a trying year, but there is still much to celebrate! Celebrations build hope and self-confidence in children. Create a Celebration Zone in your home to celebrate every win, big or small!


  • Connect virtually! Post your child’s work on social media and share their #RemoteLearning success. If they aren’t old enough for their own social media, show them the likes and comments.

  • Celebrate the process! When a child works independently for a set amount of time, even if they struggled through completion, celebrate their independence and responsibility!

  • Get the whole family involved! Each child can have his/her own zone, or you can create a big, collaborative zone.

Have a conversation with your child about why a piece of work is being added to the Celebration Zone. Be specific in your praise. Encourage your child to be specific about which aspects he/she is most proud.

Challenge your child to create a collage of proud moments throughout the week. You might work with your child to determine criteria for including items in the Celebration Zone.

Post-Its are a great way to give children feedback and praise. After your children go to bed, write little notes that say what they did well today and what they can work on tomorrow. Your children will love the notes, and you can hang them in the Celebration Zone with student work.