What resources are available to your child in a traditional classroom? Can you replicate these in a remote learning environment? What resources do you have available at home that your child doesn't have access to in a traditional classroom? These resources could serve as enrichment for your child.

To the greatest extent possible, assemble resources for your children beyond the computer screen: books, magazines, paints, yoga mats, and more!


  • Get your child's input! What materials would they like to use? Work on organizing the space together. This way if you are working from home, your child can independently access materials as they need them.

  • Create a password tracker. If you are sharing devices among family members, you may need to sign into and out of digital learning tools. A list of websites and passwords for each family member will reduce confusion and frustration as each person tries to stay organized digitally.

Scheduling Time

Use this resource to support your child as he/she creates a daily schedule. Adults and older siblings can help younger children create a schedule.

Scheduling Time with Students at Home

Primary Schedule

For younger students, fill in the activities, preferably with them, to include their suggestions and choices.

Blank Schedule - Primary SHARED

2nd Grade - High School Schedule

Older students can, and should, schedule their days with start and end times for each activity. In addition to the academic items assigned by their teachers, students should also schedule downtime and moments for reflection.

Blank Schedule SHARED

Limited Resource Sign-up

Do your kids have to share the computer? A particular workspace? Other limited resources? Use a sign-up sheet. Have them commit to the time they want to use it in the morning and then that's it for the day. No fighting!

Home-Based Limited Resource Sign-up (SHARED)

Student Focus Cards

If your child has difficulty focusing on a task or activity, especially now different distractions than they experience in the classroom, try implementing the Student Focus Cards. You can download the Word version on MyQPortal and modify it for your child. Or, you can download the PDF file here.

Student Focus Cards (SHARED).pdf

Student Persistence Cards

If your child has trouble completing a task or activity because it gets difficult try using the Student Persistence Cards. You can download the Word version on MyQPortal and modify it for your child. Or, you can download the PDF file here. Work with your child to identify the emotion they experience when they get the feeling that they can't succeed. Then brainstorm ways to overcome that emotion.

Student Persistence Cards (SHARED).pdf

Reflecting on Time

Prior to the Coronavirus, many people had structured, scheduled days and weeks. Working and learning from home is new for a lot of us. This resource can help ensure that everyone in the family is engaged in healthy amounts of each type of activity.

Reflecting on Time - SHARED